Known for his fastidious ears that balances mixes leaving them feeling polished, and musical; Alex’s masters are dynamic while remaining competitively loud. Mastering since 1999, it is no surprise that Alex Psaroudakis’ clients continue to be influential EDM, Electronic, Techno, Pop, Hip-Hop, and Reggae artists today. 

Currently mastering from a fine tuned studio suite in M-Works Mastering, Boston (USA), known for their masters for a range clients including hit records for David Bowie, Aerosmith, to Nirvana.

A contemporary studio, offering mastering options with a range of boutique analog gear, Alex's work breathes life into productions for artists and label clients.


Founder of HitMakers Mastering Studios in France and Spain, his mastering suite at HMM Barcelona was considered one of the best mastering facilities in Spain. Alex is a Sound Engineering Alumni to C.I.A.M Bordeaux, former assistant to Studio Carat, Enphase Creation and was a mastering professor at MK3, and hosted masterclasses for SAE Barcelona. Continuing to craft his masters for decades while giant strides in the digital domain of the music industry shifted, Alex carried his reputation and experience beyond genres and boarders.